3.2 Inch LCD Touch Screen Module 240×320 TFT Display

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– LCD control chip ILI9341 touch panel control chip XPT2046 adopts industrial TFT LCD module.
– Provide professional technical support for the LCD base drive with a 3.2-inch 240*320 resolution TFT touch screen.
– The 16bit parallel interface supports 6800 and 8080 bus interfaces supports the FSMC bus interface of STM32, and refresh is fast.
– The touch screen interface is SPI interface with few data cables, which drives the simple board with low voltage difference and large current LDO to stabilize voltage, and is compatible with 5V and 3.3v power supply.
– Module with SD card holder, digital photo frame and other experiments can reserve SPI FLASH pad, can extend welding font chip.


– Material: Electronic Components
– Product Dimensions : Size 94 x 65mm/3.70 x 2.56inch
– Screen : 77 x 55mm/3.03 x 2.17inch
– Pen Length : 85cm/33.46inch

Package Includes:

1 PCS TFT LCD Module
1 PCS Pen


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