DC-DC Step Up Converter Boost Module 10-32V to 35-60V 120W


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Product Parameters:

  1. With airfoil radiator, the cooling effect is improved significantly, greater output power
  2. (plus fan the max power can up to 130W).
  3. Low output ripple, when output in 48V,the output ripple can control in about 1%.
  4. Input voltage:10-34V, Output voltage default setting is about 48V.
  5. Specifications:
  6. Module Properties: Non-isolated step-up module (BOOST) Input Voltage: DC 10-32 V
  7. Output Voltage: DC 35-60 V (adjustable)
  8. Maximum Input Current: 16 A (Higher than 10A need cooling)
  9. Maximum output Current: 5 A
  10. Power: 80W(MAX,Natural cooling),Strengthen cooling 120W(MAX,Actual power)
  11. Efficiency: typical 90 %(For reference)
  12. Output ripple: 2%(max) 20M bandwidth
  13. Operating Temperature: Industrial (-40 ℃ to +85 ℃),( environmental temperature, more than 40 degrees, please reduce power to use, or enhance cooling)
  14. Full Load temperature rise: 45 ℃
  15. No-load Current: Typical 25mA
  16. Switching Frequency: 100KHz
  17. Load Regulation: ± 0.5%
  18. Voltage Regulation rate: ± 0.5%
  19. Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS
  20. Short-circuit Protection : None (Please install fuses or protection circuits at input port if you need.)
  21. Input Reverse Protection: None (Please Series diode at the input port.)
  22. Net weight:67g
  23. Size: 65(L) x 47(W) x 27(H) mm


  1. Adjustable Output Car Power Boost Charger
  2. Power for your electronic equipment
  3. Solar battery charger for electric vehicles

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