Mini VC921 Multimeter Pocket Digital Multimeter Frequency Tester


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Product Parameters:

  1. Auto ranges
  2. 550V protection in resistance and capacitance ranges Large LCD display,MAX display 4000 counts
  3. Sample rate: 3 times per second
  4. Data hold
  5. Polarity identification Low voltage indication
  6. low current measurement Auto power off
  7. Main measurements:AC/DC Voltage, Resistance,Capacitance,Diode and Continuity Testing,
  8. Frequency and duty cycle.
  9. *Frequency:1Hz to 10MHz
  10. *Capacitance :10pF to 4000uF*
  11. AC volts: 0.1mV to 750V
  12. *DC volts:0.1mV to 1000V
  13. *Resistance :0.1Ω to 60MΩ
  14. *Duty cycle:1% to 99%

Multimeter Specifications

  1. Capacitance :4nF(±5.0%+4),40nF(±2.5%+4),400nF/4.000uF/40.00uF/400.0uF/1000uF /4000uF(±3.5%+4)
  2. DC volts:400mV/4V/40V(±0.5%+4),400V/600V(±0.8%+4)
  3. AC volts: 400mV(±1.5%+4), 4V/40V/400V(±1.2%+4),600V(±1.5%+4)
  4. Resistance :400Ω/4K/40K/400K/4M(±0.8%+4),40MΩ(±2.0%+4)
  5. Frequency:99.5/999.5/9.999k/99.99k/999.9k/9.999MHz (±0.08%+2)
  6. Duty cycle:0.1% to 99.9%(±0.08%+2)
  7. Measurement mode: △Σ mode
  8. Over range indication: OL
  9. Working environment: 0~40℃, relative humidity < 80%
  10. Dimension: 80*120*19mm
  11. Weight: 126g
  12. Accessories: User’s manual,a pair of test leads
Package Included

1PCS Pocket Digital Autoranging Multimeter


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