SIM800A Development Board Dual-Band GSM GPRS Wireless Transceiver Module for NANO SIM Card 4G



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SIM800A_ Nano development board is a high-performance industrial-grade GSM/GPRS module with a rich interface, perfect function, stable operation, strong anti-interference, high integration of peripheral circuits and small size. It is especially suitable for various fields that require voice/SMS/GPRS data services, such as smart home, intelligent collection system, remote monitoring and so on.
Support dual-band GSM/GPRS (900MHz / 1800MHz)
Support RS232/TTL serial port (supports 3. 3V/5V system)
Support 5V- 18V power supply (9V1A power supply is recommended)
Reserved voice interface
Reserve SMA and IPX interfaces
Support SMS service MT/M0/Text/PDU mode
Support TCP/UDP communication, FTP/HTTP service

Support Nano SIM card

Pin description:
PWR: Positive power supply
RI: RI output pin
RES: reset foot
M+: Mic+
M-: Mic-
S+: horn positive
S-: horn negative
GND: power ground
BAT: Lithium battery power supply interface
EN: Power enable, default high
VCC_IN: external power input
TXD: TTL serial output
RXD: TTL serial input
V_MCU: Level matching interface
R_232: RS232 serial input
T_232: RS232 serial output
SIM800A Chip:
Main Characteristics:
Two-frequency 900/1800MHz
GPRS multi-slot class 12/10
GPRS m0bile station class B
Meet the GSM 2/2+ standard
 – Class 4 (2W @900MHz)
 – Class 1 (1W @1800MHz)
Size: 24*24*3mm
Controlled by AT c0mmands (GSM 07.07, 07.05 and SIMCOM enhanced AT c0mmand set)
Supply voltage: 3.4 ~ 4.4V
Low power consumption
Operating temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C
Data Transmission:
GPRS class 12: Maximum 85.6 kbps (downstream rate)
Support PBCCH
Coding schemes CS 1, 2, 3, 4
CSD up to 14.4 kbps
Software Features:
0710 MUX protocol
Embedded TCP/UDP protocol
DTMF detection
Interference detection
Bluetooth 3.0 (optional)


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SIM800A Development Board Dual-Band GSM GPRS Wireless Transceiver Module for NANO SIM Card 4G