SIM800C Development Board GSM GPRS Module


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Product Parameters:

SIM800C is a quad-band GSM / GPRS module, its performance very stable, with small appearance and high cost-performance, to meet the various needs of customers. The operating frequency of SIM800C is GSM / GPRS 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz, can be used worldwide, you can achieve low power consumption of voice, SMS and data transmission, can be applied to a variety of design requirements of compact product.

  1. Input voltage range 5V-18V DC;
  2. Self-propelled SIM card slot design, support 2G / 3G / 4G card or small card;
  3. Module will connected to the network automatically after you power on it;
  4. Compatible with a variety of single-chip serial port;
  5. Reserved headset and microphone interface;
  6. Support TTS DTMF function;
  7. Bluetooth 3.0 protocol, enhanced Bluetooth antenna, support for serial port SPP and audio services;
  8. Reserved lithium battery-powered BAT interface, you can use 3.7V lithium battery or 18650 lithium battery;
  9. Reserved IPEX interface, SMA interface, spring antenna interface, can be used on different occasions;
  10. With work indicator: the LED will flash 1 time per second when no network, no SIM card or SIM card inserted, and will flash 1 time per 3 seconds under normal conditions.
  11. Board size: 40.9*51.3mm 

Interface description:

  1. GND: Power ground
  2. VCC_IN: Power supply pin, input DC5V-20V
  3. RI: Ring indicator
  4. DTR: Data terminal preparation
  5. TXD: TTL serial port transmission
  6. RXD: TTL serial port receive  
  7. U2_R: module serial port 2 receive
  8. U2_T: module serial port 2 send transmission
  9. V_M: connect to the core voltage (5V/3.3V,it depend on your MCU) of MCU for level match(generally, NC also be OK for this pin)
  10. ADC: ADC detection
  11. SPP: Audio output positive
  12. SPN: Audio output negative
  13. MC-: Audio input negative
  14. MC +: Audio input positive
  15. PWR: Power enable or disable(enable when low level)
  16. BAT: lithium battery input pin, 3.3v-4.4v

Basically instructions

The SIM800C mainly controlled by AT commands, so just find a USB convert to TTL serial port module,and 5V,GND,TXD,RXD pins connect to VCC_IN, GND,RXD, TXD pins of SIM800C
When the module is started, the indicator LED flashes once every 1 seconds, and after a period of time, the indicator LED flashes once every 3 seconds, it means the SIM800C start works normally.

Package Included:

1PCS SIM800C Development Board

1PCS Antenna

1PCS Normal pin


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