• HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Module

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    Description HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Module RS232/TTL to UART converter Brand : Unbranded NEW Module size: 3.7cm width: 1.6cm Introduction: HC-05 Bluetooth module with Clear button 1 Input voltage: 3.6V – 6V, prohibit more than 7V 2 The power anti-reverse, reverse module does not work 3 Leads to 6 feet:…
  • Wireless RF Transceiver Bluetooth HC-06 Slave Module

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    Product Description:  The HC-06 bluetooth module can be set as a transmitter or receiver.  It can easily transfer the data through the wireless, without complex PCB layout or deep knowledge in the Bluetooth software stack. You can combine this bluetooth module with your system: MCU, ARM or DSP systems, SOC…
  • HM-10 BLE Bluetooth 4.0 Serial Wireless Module

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    This small size Bluetooth 4.0 TTL transceiver module allows your target device communicate with. your iPhone/iPAD, IOS 6 or Android 4.3 above devices. It’s easy to use and completely encapsulated. You can set it as slave or master. You can use AT command set the baudrate. Specifications: Ultra-low standby power…