HC-05 Bluetooth Module 6 Pins RF Transceiver 2.4G Rang Distance 33ft ( 10 meters )


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HC-06Main , main switch from integrated Bluetooth serial module from the available instructions, instruction than HC-05, easy to use.( Supply voltage 3.3V ~ 3.6V)

Host:Used to search from the device , other devices can not be search . ( With white spots Bluetooth module )

Slave :Equipment used to be searched , you can not take the initiative to search for other devices.

After connecting the master and slave is equivalent to using a serial line , this time , regardless of master and slave , which is transparent mode .

[ This module can be set to master or slave , master and slave pair can communicate between slave and from the host machine or host

Can not communicate between , from the Bluetooth function and computers, mobile phones and other communications pairing , the default is the purchase of a slave ] [Note: HC-05 and 06 from the host machine can be paired with each other ]


1, using mainstream CSR Bluetooth chip , Bluetooth V2.0 protocol standards .

2 , the module supply voltage : 3.3V ~ 3.6V.

3, the default parameters : 9600 baud , pairing code 1234 , the mode of the slave.

4 , the core module size is : 27mm x 13 mm x 2mm.

5, the working current:Pairing :30~40mAPairing communication has not been completed :2~8MaCommunication :8mA no dormancy .

6. Communication distance: open conditions under 10M, normal use of the environment around 8M.

7 , for the GPS navigation system , utility meter reading systems, industrial control systems mining site ,With Bluetooth notebook computer, computer plus Bluetooth adapter , PDA and other devices seamlessly.

8 , you can upgrade STC microcontroller wireless and download the program.

Pin Name Explanation
1 TX Pin serial port module (TTL level , can not be directly connected to RS232 level ) , can be directly connected to the microcontroller RX
2 RX Module serial receive pin (TTL level , can not be directly connected to RS232 level ) , can be directly connected to the microcontroller TX
12 VCC Power 3.3V
13 GND Ground
32 LED Pairing status output display
34 KEY AT for entering state , high effective ( float default is low)

Modules There are two ways to enter the AT command

1 : Before the module power ( can also ) , the KEY pin is set high ( or pick VCC), then the module is powered on . The LED flashes slowly (2S once ) , the module into AT status , 38400 baud rate is fixed .

2 : On the module power when the KEY feet set low ( or pick GND), the LED flash (1S twice ) , then put KEY foot set high ( or pick VCC), module will enter AT commands , but the LED flash is still , at this time as the default baud rate 9600 baud .

Computer and SCM data transmission

In the following figure USB-TTL parameter frame for Guangzhou- bearing frame newly developed parameters HC-USB-P, Bluetooth products specifically tailored for HC powerful arguments aircraft. Customers can use this parameter to change the frame of the module parameters and testing , greatly facilitate the customers to use a variety of problems encountered during the Bluetooth module .

Product Features :

1, led pin indicates the status of the Bluetooth connection , the output pulse indicates no Bluetooth connectivity , high output indicates that Bluetooth is connected and open ports

2 , the power supply voltage 3.3V, when unpaired current of about 30mA, after the pair about 8mA, the absolute prohibition of reverse power ! Power absolute prohibition exceeds 4.2V!

3 , interface level 3.3V, can be directly connected to various SCM (51, AVR, PIC, ARM, MSP430 , etc. ), 5V microcontrollerThe best a 1K resistor in series with the module againDirect connection, can not pass without MAX232 MAX232!

4 , open to the effective distance of 10 meters , over 10 meters are possible, but do not do this to ensure the quality of the connection distance

5 , after the pair when full-duplex serial port to use, without having to know any Bluetooth protocol, but only supports 8 data bits, 1 stop bit , no parity communication format , which is the most common form of communication , not support other formats .

6. Set up a Bluetooth connection when not support setting the baud rate , the name by AT commands , pairing password , power-down save parameter settings . After the Bluetooth connection is automatically switched to transparent mode

7 , small size (2.7cm * 1.3cm), factory chip production , quality assurance patch .

PC, Bluetooth host , most Bluetooth phones , PDA, PSP and other intelligent terminal 8 , the link from the machine, from a function with a variety of Bluetooth-enabled pairing between slaves can not be paired

ATInstruction Set

HC-05Embedded Bluetooth serial module ( hereinafter referred to as modules ) has two operating modes: a command response workMode and automatic connection mode, in automatic connection mode module can be divided into the main (Master) , From (Slave)And loopback (Loopback) Three job roles . When the module is automatically connected to the operating mode automatically according to pre-setThe way data transmission connection ; when the module is in command response mode can perform all of the followingATCommand, the user canSend to a variety of modulesATCommand , control parameters for the module set or release control commands. By controlling the module external pins(PIO11) Input level can be achieved dynamic conversion module status .

Pin serial port module is used to define:

1,PIO8ConnectionLEDIndicating the module status , after module power flashes flashes different states in different intervals .

2,PIO9ConnectionLEDIndicating a successful connection module , Bluetooth serial port connection after a successful match ,LEDLong bright .

3,PIO11State switch module feet high-\u003e ATCommand-response operation, low or floating- \u003eBluetooth regular workFor the state.

4On module with a reset circuit , re-power to complete the reset.

Setting procedure -based module:

1,PIO11 beenSet high, then the power module .

2, After power module into theATCommand response status .

3HyperTerminal or other serial tool , set the baud rate38400Data bits8Bits, stop bits1Bits, no parity,No flow control.

4, Serial send characters\”AT + ROLE = 1 \\ r \\ n\”Successful return\”OK \\ r \\ n\”, Among them\r\nA carriage return line feed.

5,PIOSet low , re-power , module -based module , automatic search from module to establish a connection .


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HC-05 Bluetooth Module 6 Pins RF Transceiver 2.4G Rang Distance 33ft ( 10 meters )


Available on backorder