Capacitor Electrolytic 50V


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Capacitor Electrolytic 50V

Items Description :


Items Name Size
50V 0.1UF 5x11mm
50V 0.22UF 5x11mm
50V 0.47UF 4x7mm
50V 1UF 5x11mm
50V 2.2UF 4x7mm
50V 3.3UF 4x7mm
50V 4.7UF 4x7mm
50V 10UF 4x7mm
50V 22UF 6x7mm
50V 33UF 5x11mm
50V 47UF 6x12mm
50V 100UF 8x12mm
50V 220UF 8x12mm
50V 330UF 10x17mm
50V 470UF 10x16mm
50V 560UF 10x20mm
50V 680UF 13x20mm
50V 1000UF 13x20mm
50V 2200UF 16x25mm
50V 3300UF 18x35mm
50V 4700UF 18x35mm

Additional information

Capacitor 50V

0.1 µF (5pcs), 0.22 µF (5pcs), 0.47 µF (5pcs), 1 µF (5pcs), 2.2 µF (5pcs), 3.3 µF (5pcs), 4.7 µF (5pcs), 10 µF (5pcs), 22 µF (5pcs), 33 µF (5pcs), 47 µF (5pcs), 100 µF (3pcs), 220 µF (3pcs), 330 µF (3pcs), 470 µF (3pcs), 560 µF (1pcs), 680 µF (1pcs), 1000 µF (1pcs), 2200 µF (1pcs), 3300 µF (1pcs), 4700 µF (1pcs)


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Capacitor Electrolytic 50V

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