HM-10 Bluetooth 4.0

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Module is used where short distance wireless communication is needed. The module is used for wireless communications of less than 100 meters. The module is preferred where power consumption is issue. HM-10 MODULE is designed by BLE chip so it consumes very less power to function. So the module can be used on mobile systems. The module uses UART communication and so it can be interfaced with almost all controllers or processors.

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The HM-10 is a readily available Bluetooth 4.0 module. This module is used for establishing wireless data communication. The module is designed by using the Texas Instruments CC2540 or CC2541 Bluetooth low energy (BLE) System on Chip (SoC). The module design and firmware originated from the Jinan Huamao Technology Company.

HM-10 Pinout

Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 UART_TX UART interface-Transmit
2 UART_RX UART interface-Receive
3 UART_CTS UART interface
4 UART_RTS UART interface
5 NC No Connection
6 NC No Connection
7 NC No Connection
8 NC No Connection
9 NC No Connection
10 NC No Connection
11 RESETB Reset if low for 100ms
12 VCC 3.3V
13 GND Ground
14 GND Ground
15 USB_D- USB interface
16 NC No Connection
17 NC No Connection
18 NC No Connection
19 NC No Connection
20 USB_D+ USB interface
21 GND Ground
22 GND Ground
23 PIO0 System Key
24 PIO1 System LED
25 PIO2 Programmable input/output line
26 PIO3 Programmable input/output line
27 PIO4 Programmable input/output line
28 PIO5 Programmable input/output line
29 PIO6 Programmable input/output line
30 PIO7 Programmable input/output line
31 PIO8 Programmable input/output line
32 PIO9 Programmable input/output line
33 PIO10 Programmable input/output line
34 PIO11 Programmable input/output line

Technical Specification

Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.0
BLE Chip CC2541
Send and Receive  No byte limit
Working Frequency 2.4GHz ISM band
Communication UART
Range Open space 100m
Operation Voltage 2.0V to 3.6V
Consumes Current 235uA on battery backup



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HM-10 Bluetooth 4.0


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