Micro SD Storage Board Memory Card Shield Module SPI for Arduino



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The module (MicroSD Card Adapter) is a Micro SD card reader module, through the file system and the SPI interface driver, SCM system to complete the file to read and write MicroSD card. Arduino users can directly use the Arduino IDE comes with an SD card to complete the library card initialization and read.

Module features are as follows:

1.It supports Micro SD card,Micro SDHC card
2.Board level conversion circuit, namely, interface level for 5 V or 3.3 V
3.Power supply:4.5V~5.5V,the onboard 3.3 V voltage regulator circuit
4.Communication interface is a standard SPI interface
5.4 M2 screw positioning hole, easy to install

Interface parameters: 


Project        Minimum          Typical projects        Maximum    Unit


VCC           4.5                          5                              5.5         V

Current       0.2                         80                             200        mA

Interface level                       3.3 or 5                                        V

Support Card Type    Micro SD card (<= 2G), Mirco SDHC card (<= 32G)

Size                                42X24X12                                          mm

Weight                                  5                                                      g

Control interface

1.Six pins (GND, VCC, MISO, MOSI, SCK, CS) GND is grounding wire,VCC is power supply, MISO, MOSI, SCK are bus of SPI, CS for foot piece of selected signal.
2.The output voltage of 3.3 V for level conversion chip, Micro SD card
3.The Micro SD card direction of signal is converted into 3.3 V, MicroSD card to control interface of MISO signal is transformed into 3.3 V, general AVR single chip microcomputer system can read the signal;
4.Micro SD is the booth, persons possessing plug


Interface as shown Mirco SD card module is shown below:








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Micro SD Storage Board Memory Card Shield Module SPI for Arduino